Audia Flight USA Warranty

We urge you to use an authorized Audia Flight dealer when purchasing an Audia Flight product.

Audia Flight products are sold, supported, and serviced through a network of authorized dealers.  We encourage you to contact Audiolux to confirm whether or not the dealer selling the Audia Flight is part of our authorized USA dealer network.  When parties outside of the network of authorized USA Audia Flight dealers sell an Audia Flight product, Audiolux will not honor Audia Flight warranties on those products.  Sales of Audia Flight products on third-party sites such as Audiogon and e-Bay will have no warranty.

Proof of purchase showing the purchaser’s name, date of purchase, serial number, and authorized dealer information for the current owner and the original purchase must be submitted with all warranty claims.  If the Audia Flight product was not originally purchased in the USA, we will not provide service.  We will not service imported or black market Audia Flight products.

Warranty Details

New Audia Flight products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for ninety (90) days from date of purchase from an authorized dealer.  If the product is registered on our website (see Warranty Registration below) within this period, the warranty shall be extended to three (3) years from the original date of sale. The warranty includes parts and labor. The warranty is limited to the first-time buyer except as noted.  If an Audia Flight product is re-purchased as a used or trade-in Certified Preowned product from an authorized Audia Flight dealer, the second owner shall receive the balance of the original warranty based upon the original date of purchase.

Dealer Demos:  In the case of demo products, if the dealer has had the component for one year or less, the component shall have the full three-year warranty from date of purchase.  In cases where the dealer has had the component for more than one year, the warranty period shall begin on the first anniversary of the dealer or distributor’s receipt of the component.  The purchaser shall receive the balance of the three-year warranty retroactive to the date of the first anniversary of the dealer receipt.  It is the seller’s responsibility to inform the buyer of the unit’s age when selling their demo.

Products must be returned using original packaging material only. This warranty is considered void if the defect, malfunction or failure of the product or any component part was caused by damage (not resulting from a defect or malfunction) or abuse while in the possession of the customer. Tampering by persons other than factory authorized service personnel or failure to fully comply with Audia Flight operating instructions voids the warranty.

All Audia Flight products are thoroughly inspected and tested for mechanical and electrical operation prior to leaving the factory. In addition, all Audia Flight components are inspected to ensure that they are in perfect physical condition before shipment. Damage caused by shipping is specifically exempt from warranty coverage.

Audiolux and Audia Flight reserve the right to reject any warranty claim on a case by case basis.

Warranty Service


For customers who require service in the U.S.A, please contact your authorized Audia Flight retailer or Audiolux at Please note that specialist retail partners and/or customers in need of support should contact Audiolux for specific instructions prior to shipping any products directly to Audiolux.

Warranty service and product repairs are administered domestically for all of our products so as to provide the fastest and most convenient service possible.  In select cases where a product may need to be returned to the manufacturer, all arrangements shall be coordinated by Audiolux.

Warranty Registration

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